The Path to Inner Happiness: Internal tension and internal conflict occur when people Be in peace and experience true happiness on a deeper level. This Internal tension and conflict takes energy, destroys any Joy and less general spiritual positivity. A very tense and Person in conflict tends to have negative thoughts. The love for oneself and Others are mentally and spiritually blocked. Internal conflicts can be attributed mainly to childhood. In a conflict Society, where the pressure to perform and the competition is a daily reality A tendency towards conflict and tension is Transmitted from parents to their children during their education. Parents live Their worries, doubts, fears, aggression, addictions and, therefore, The spiritual development of your children. Other children’s sources of Learned from television. The tension in turn comes from Professional stress, tense relationships, divorce and more, as these Children grow to face similar challenges as their parents face or once Faced

The good news is that, as long as this internal conflict builds up, it can also To be removed. The bad news is that this can take quite some time. When Tension accumulates over the course of several years, it will also take years relieve. However, it is always worth the effort to take up the challenge of Healing from that inner negativity. For example, the disease later in life Can be avoided as a life full of peace, energy and positivity is a healthier life one. The amount of inner peace that a person possesses correlates in a way opposed to Amount of tension in the body and spirit. The lower the voltage, the more Positive vital force present. Each person has the potential to find Peace and contentment. Everyone can attain enlightenment. The only What is in the way of this goal is our own tension and negativity. Once These darker feelings diminish, our inner positive energy grows. A good way to heal from this life force by stealing negativity is To practice several spiritual exercises every day. We have to live in a way It facilitates a gravitation towards the light, rather than the darkness. Plus People in today’s day and age are on the march in the opposite direction. They live day by day feeling selfish and stressed. They live their lives Focused on creating more tension and end up burned, sick, negative and

The tension can reside in the body and soul. The body and the soul are Connected, and to relieve ourselves of internal tension, we must Practice spiritual exercises for both elements. Inner happiness can manifest itself

On a deeper level only when we wipe ourselves from this inner tension. As People are very individual, no two have the same type of tension and Negativity Everyone should experiment with these exercises to find What is best for him or her to steer his way in the right way for him Or herself to find inner happiness. True satisfaction can be found as one of the illuminated. The deepest purpose of life is to attain enlightenment.

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