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Arogya Yoga School, Rishikesh

Studying at AYS will open large layers of subtle yogic literatures that are often unknown and unexplored in the western world.

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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sessions in Rishikesh

Yog Nidra Teacher Training Sessions

Yoga Nidra - Powerful Healing Yoga Nidra is a powerful healing tool in yoga therapy. This is because it is an ultimate method of inducing profound relaxation and deep rest. Resting the body-mind is the fundamental basis on which true and deep healing takes place. The body has potential to heal itself but requires the correct conditions for healing to happen.


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Yog Nidra Teacher Training Workshop Session

Fee 50 USD

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Objectives

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sessions in Rishikesh, India

In Yoga Nidra we use tantric techniques to release energy for healing. We access the five elements (tattwas) earth, water, fire, air and space in different ways in order to cleanse, strengthen and rebalance the body-mind.

  • What is Yoga Nidra & History of Yoga Nidra?
  • Tantric Origin of Yoga Nidra.
  • Is Yoga Nidra a kind of meditation?
  • Yoga Nidra vs. Hypnosis Benefits of Yoga Nidra?
  • Yoga Nidra Session. 7 Stages of Yoga Nidra?
  • Designing your own Yoga Nidra class.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sessions in Rishikesh

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sessions is a 7 Hours, one day workshop and by the end of this workshop you will be equipped to conduct Yoga Nidra session along with knowledge of philosophy of Yoga Nidra and how Yoga Nidra purifies all the five koshas (Five layers of our personality).

Daily Drop-in Yoga classes- Yoga in Rishikesh

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Sessions is Every Sunday.
  • Course Fee $50 | Lunch will be serve

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