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Studying at AYS will open large layers of subtle yogic literatures that are often unknown and unexplored in the western world.

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Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

Yoga Benefits

Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

Asana means to be steady and comfortable in any pose .The asanas of hatha yoga originally had a spiritual connection with Hinduism .The attainment of samadhi ,a state of meditative consciousness.


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Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Benefits of a Yoga Course

There are some benefits of doing teacher training course

Introduction to ancient learning and Practices

The teacher training will help you to learn the adjustment and enhance your asana practice. The study of anatomy will help you in much broader understanding of asana, adjustments and alignment and will be able to understand your body and avoid injuries . The Teacher training will increase your capacity and timing to hold asana and at the same time how to focus on your breath and remain mindful. Yoga introduce you to the ancient practices done by the Indian yogis in the past . As you know India is known as the birthplace of yoga . Traditional yoga practices which helped people to attain Samadhi . Yoga teacher training gives you a deeper understanding of the true nature of yoga.Yoga Teacher Training is considered by many to be life-changing experience .

Deep personal practiceDeep practice involves 3 rules:

  • Punctuality
  • Repeat
  • Feel it

Deep practice is an intense , dedicated, and self realisation process, whether you're doing fast and varied movements, or precise, accurate, and stable ones. It's a process and we have to trust it to make it through experience and learning.Yoga learning is being selfish in a way that you concentrate on yourself . As the quote very well define "Find yourself first , beacuse you cannot give what you don't have ." So yoga is all about concentrating on oneself to attain the different aspects of life. Yoga teacher training helps you to understand postures, their allignment and the modifications. The art of performing asana needs practice and the training helps you to learn what poses are suitable for which specific disease or organ in the body. So by doing yoga teacher training you not only get stronger body but better emotional and mental development.

Change in Perspectives towards life

Yoga brings positive changes to the way you see the world . Asana is not enough but it helps as an important aspect because if the body is still the mind is still and that leaves you more focused . Yoga teacher training allows you to deepen your knowledge and makes you confident enough to share it with others too. It helps you to see the positive side of life , relationships and this allows you to change. Yoga teacher training gives you a chance to heal yourself and train your mind for the change that you seek and which will be joyous for you.

Boosts life-skills

Yoga teacher training can give you skills that can be helpful throughout your life . These skills are the tools that can enhance your life like never before. You will be confident enough to lead. You learn improved communication skills and gain confidence. You have a deeper sense of compassion and more meaningful relationships because you will have learnt to have empathy for all human beings. Yoga teacher training will provide you with a readymade environment which can help you to grow . This bonding is powerful enough to last you a lifetime and you will have people whom you can reach out to when you need clarity or when things are not too good. You also gain knowledge of yoga history, philosophy, breath control, meditation besides asana so you will feel empowered with these skills.

Develops your spirituality

Yoga teacher training also helps you to get in touch with your inner self and spirituality which is not possible if you touch only on the physical aspect. Studying Yoga Sutras , chanting mantras and practicing meditation allow you to open up yourself to spiritual practices that can transform your life. Once you begin these practices you will beagn to feel the changes in your body and thinking . This change in thought process is your step to better knowledge ,understanding and confident of who you are and you will be able to accept yourself and gain in confidence to lead a more beautiful and happy life.

Yoga Teachere Training Syllabus And Curriculum

  • All Fundamental Of yoga
  • deep knowledge Yoga Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Meditation all are simplified for better understanding, learning and teaching.
  • Theoretical Class on the philosophy of yoga
  • Hatha Yoga Class
  • Become A Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Teaching knowledge of Yoga Course
  • Bhagvada Gita class and Karma Yoga studies
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Ashthanga Yoga or Classical Yoga (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana); Yoga Sutras by Sage Patanjali, Bhavas and yogic concepts (attitude training.) Training and practice of methods in asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandhas, kriyas / purification process, chanting of mantras and meditation classes

  • Theoretical Class about basic Anatomy & Physiology covered
  • All the main organs, systems and functions of the body are covered. The benefits of yoga practices, safety measures / contraindications are covered.fight against various ailments: correction of posture, lumbar problems, weight problems and obesity, heart problems, diabetes I and II, low and high BP, stress, constipation, pre and post natal yoga, etc.

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